Beginner’s Guide to Lake Mead ATV Adventures:

December 29, 2017 by Teddy Deleon

Beginner’s Guide to Lake Mead ATV Adventures

Beginner’s Guide to Lake Mead ATV Adventures:

Everything you will need to know before you take off on your first Lake Mead off-roading adventure


Maybe you have never heard of off-roading before, or perhaps you just have yet to experience it, or possibly you just want a synopsis. Whatever the reason, here is a beginner guide to off-roading, what you need to know, how to stay safe and have fun. As well as why you should try off-roading in Mead Lake, why it will be a unique experience, what you can expect and how it will satisfy your thrill for adventure.

Here is a beginner guide to everything you will need to know before you take off on your first Mead Lake off-roading adventure.

What is Off-Roading?

Off-roading is an exercise in driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of natural terrains like sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, and rocks. Off-roading can range in intensity from leisure drives to competitive or a professional atmosphere.

How are off-roading vehicles different?

Traveling on unsurfaced terrain requires a vehicle capable of accommodating off-road conditions such as extended vehicle clearance, broad and open tread tiers, as well as adjustable suspension.

Beginner’s Guide to Lake Mead ATV Adventures

What is an ATV?

An ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle is also known as a quad, quad bike, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler. The American National Standards Institute defines ATV’s as vehicles that travel on low-pressure tires, operator straddles the seat, and handlebars control the steering. Although in some countries ATV is street legal, in the United States they are only for off-road terrain.

Choosing the right vehicle

The best way to ensure your safety, and the enjoyment of your adventure is to seek a profession rental company, for example, look for ATV Polaris off-road vehicle rentals, Lake Mead  ATV Rentals, or Las Vegas ATV tours.

5 Reasons why Lake Mead ATV Rentals or Las Vegas ATV Tours is how you should explore

  • Fun will reconnect you with family and friends
  • Make memories, & take epic selfies
  • Discover isolated landscapes
  • Explore trails in comfort
  • Ride thrilling terrain

Where is Lake Mead?

Lake Mead is a part of the Colorado River and is located 30mi or 48km from the Las Vegas, Nevada. There are nine access points to Mead Lake, three of which are roads from the Las Vegas Metropolitan area.

How long does it take to drive to Lake Mead from Las Vegas?

It takes about 38minutes to drive to Lake Mead from Las Vegas. Las Vegas ATV tours do offer transportation to and from Lake Mead, making fun and adventure convenient, and accessible.

Why is Lake Mead Special?

Mead Lake is unique because Hoover Dam created and impounds Mead Lake. Hoover Dam is in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, which is a concrete arch-gravity dam bordering the states of Nevada and Arizona. The dam generators provide power for public and private utilities to the States of Nevada, Arizona, and California as well as render a water supply which can sustain 20 million people. Lake Mead spans into several bodies, measuring is 112mi, or 180km long, making it the largest capacity water reservoir in the United States. Lake Mead receives a majority of its water supply from the Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah Rocky mountain snowmelt. On average snowmelt contributes to 8.23 million acre-feet of water each year to Lake Mead.

National Recreation Area

Lake Mead is more than just a water supply; it is a National Recreational Area, which presents majestic scenic vistas, and isolated backcountry. You can expect to explore the dramatic and thrilling terrain of rock formations, sheer cliffs, distant mountains, deep canyons, colorful soil, dry washes, lakes, and a medley of vegetation.

Safety Tips for ATV Polaris off-road Vehicle Rentals

Rules of the “road”

  • Stay on an established path. You don’t want to damage the sites for others by creating and leaving ruts all over.
  • Don’t litter
  • Don’t spin your tires, because it breaks the surface of the terrain, and will lead to erosion when it rains and creates rough conditions or permanent damage to the trail.
  • Should you need to pile stones to get over an obstacle, be sure to put back the rocks where you found them. Leaving, debris on the trail is never a safe idea.
  • Don’t disturb the wildlife; this includes plants and animals.

Driving ATV 101

  • Drive slow
  • Stay on the path, when coming into contact with oncoming traffic, stray to the right, however, if the situation requires you to go to the left, do so.
  • If there is only room for one vehicle to pass at a time, the rules are for the ATV who is the most maneuverable should go first or the more experienced driver.
  • If two vehicles meet on terrain that has no safe place to pull over, the ATV upward has the right of way, because it is safer for the ATV traveling downhill to back up.
  • When riding through deep ruts, make sure to pay attention to the track. For heavily used paths often become deeply rutted, and shifting the wheels away from the grooves can cause the undercarriage of the vehicle to get hung up.
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