Mead Lake: Where to take your ATV rental, and what to explore while you stretch your legs

January 11, 2018 by Teddy Deleon

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Lake Mead: Where to take your ATV rental, and what to explore while you stretch your legs


Where to take your ATV rental?? Great Question! Lake Mead is on the Colorado River, southeast from the City of Las Vegas Nevada. Lake Mead was formed by the Hoover Dam and is the most significant capacity reservoir in the United States. Lake Mead’s surrounding area is considered the National Recreational Area Park, which is an expansive region to explore, and very accommodating for an off-roading enthusiast.

Yes, you can take a Las Vegas ATV tour, which will take you on an adventure to remember. However, if you are up for the task, it is satisfying to venture out on your own. I suggest Lake Mead’s ATV rental or ATV Polaris off Road Vehicle Rentals, to provide you with the tools, or should I say vehicle to discover all that Lake Mead has to offer.

It may sound overwhelming trying to plan back-country trips, but it couldn’t be easier, to just go and enjoy. How? You may ask. Well, there are many back-country roads in this area to choose from, and many of the trails access all the exciting treasures. In other words, Lake Mead is the perfect place to explore ancient land formations, distant vistas, must see spots all while off-roading in an ATV, enjoying nature, and seeking adventure of the unknown.

What you should know before you begin:

All backcountry vehicles operating within Lake Mead’s National Recreational Area must be either an ATV (all-terrain vehicles), ATC all-terrain cycles, or OHV off-highway vehicles. Also note that all vehicles must be licensed, and insured as well as all vehicle operators must have a valid operator’s license in their possession.

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How to Find Back Country Roads:

Along the backcountry roads, you will find visible yellow arrows signs, which signpost a black number, those are the road numbers. Road numbers make it simple to read and to cross-reference with the available backcountry maps.  Backcountry maps are readily available online or in the local area of Lake Mead.

There are four main areas you should consider while planning your off-roading destinations.

  • Hoover Dam Area
  • Lake Mohave South
  • Overton Arm Region
  • Temple Bar and East Lake Mead

Safety first

  • Backcountry road conditions can unexpectedly change; be prepared with water, food, and shade.
  • Note that cell phone service can be minimal or non-existent
  • Leave an itinerary of your backcountry travels with a responsible person
  • Carry a map
  • In high summer heat, avoid strenuous physical activates
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay out of abandoned mines; they are old, unpredictable, and dangerous
  • Preserve Lake Mead National Recreational Area and stay safe by staying on the designated approved roads

Where to take your ATV rental, and what to explore while you stretch your legs

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Historic Railroad Trail

The Historic Railroad Trail has access near the Alan Bible Visitor Center. In 1931 construction of the railroad trail began to form a railroad system that connected the city of Boulder with convenient access to import and export materials facilitating building the Hoover Dam. Once completed the Hoover Dam’s rail system was abandoned, and eventually dismantled for scraps in 1962. Today, you can walk or bicycle along the old railroad network. You can expect to enjoy the history, as well as a spectacular panoramic view of Lake Mead, Boulder Basin, and Fortification Hill along the way.

Anniversary Narrows

Anniversary Narrows is on the Northshore Road near Overton, which leads to a six-mile canyon confined hike. You can expect to marvel at the steep layers of sediment along the canyon walls that surge, and arc their way through the trail.

Explore springs

Lake Mead being the most significant water capacity reservoir in the United States, there are some beautiful bodies of water to discover. Make sure to take the opportunities to explore a few springs. The spring found in Lake Mead’s National Recreation Area harbors not only a habitat for unique wildlife, and plant species, but also a fascinating perennial hot, warm, and cold springs.

Here are a couple of favorite springs I would recommend:

Rogers Springs

Rogers Springs is found along the Westside of the Overton Arm of Lake Mead, just west of the Northshore Road. Rogers Spring is distinctive because it has the fastest flow of any spring in the National Recreational Area, flowing at a consistency of 720 gallons a minute.

Black Canyon Springs

Black Canyon Springs is in the vicinity of the Hoover Dam. Black Canyon Springs is unique because you will find both thermal, and non-thermal water temperatures ranging from 55 to 136 degrees Fahrenheit. Several times of the year, and the mineral level, and the water’s algae turn a beautiful, brilliant shade of green. You can also access the Nevada Hot Springs, and Arizona’s Hot Springs through a hiking trail here.

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