Why renting ATVs is the best way to experience Lake Mead’s amenities

January 17, 2018 by Teddy Deleon

Why renting ATVs is the best way to experience Lake Mead’s amenities

Why renting ATVs is the best way to experience Lake Mead’s amenities

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is in southeastern Nevada and northwestern Arizona. Lake Mead is operated by the National Park Service and is the largest water capacity reservoir in the United States, created by the Hoover Dam in 1935.

Lake Mead is a beautiful place to tour because this countryside has lots of recreational activities such as historic sites, boating, swimming, fishing, hiking trails, and a constant view of the surrounding desert and landscape. There are nine designated wilderness areas within Lake Mead National Recreation Area, all in the state of Nevada. Why, would you go on a Las Vegas ATV tour, or participate in ATV Polaris off-road vehicle rentals or Lake Mead ATV rentals?

The answer is renting ATVing the best way to explore, and discover all the treasures there are in Lake Mead National Recreation Area. For example, there are hundreds of different plant and animal species, some of which are rare or threatened, as well as over twenty historic structures, and over a thousand recorded archeological sites to explore. So whether you are in Lake Mead area to stay or just for the day, there are many must-see sites.

All throughout Lake Mead National Recreation Area, there are designated backroads, which allow you to ATV through the vast desert landscape trails that lead to the interesting sites that you don’t want to miss. If you are short on time, the Las Vegas ATV rental tours are the perfect way explore the park and its main amenities within a time structure. Although, if you have slightly more time, ATV Polaris off-road vehicle rentals or Lake Mead ATV rentals will guarantee you the freedom to explore, and see all the gems that interest you.

Where to find approved roads to take your ATV Polaris off-road vehicle rentals or Lake Mead ATV rentals?

Approved All-terrain Vehicle roads have yellow arrow signs, which have black numbers indicating the road location. These markers correspond to backcountry maps that are available online, or in the local Lake Mead Area.

Why renting ATVs is the best way to experience Lake Mead’s amenities

Four central zones to consider for your backcountry adventuring planning:

Hoover Damn Area
Lake Mohave South
Overton Arm Region
Temple Bar and East Lake Mead
Where to take your ATV rental?

Boathouse Cove

Boathouse Cove Road is a backcountry road that runs from the Northshore Road south down to the water’s edge of Virginia Basin of Lake Mead. Boathouse Cove road runs through the Jimbilnan and Pinto Valley Wilderness Area. Boat cove Road is not wilderness, but the area surrounding the trail is remote, with beautiful flora, fauna, and geology to admire. Once you get to the water’s edge, be sure to enjoy the lake.

Redstone Trail

The red rock of Redstone trail is a part of the dunes that spread across the dessert during the age of the dinosaurs. Lake Mead National Recreation Area’s red rock has 500 million-year-old limestone that rises in peaks above the younger red rock. Come and explore the Aztec sandstone, and ATV along backroads on your way to see the red rock up close, or stretch your legs, and hike the Redstone trail to explore the geology.

Black Canyon

Follow the backcountry roads to Black Canyon springs, where you will find both thermal, and non-thermal water temperatures, ranging from 55 to 136 degrees Fahrenheit. Black Canyon water heats up from far below the surface of the earth and saturates through the rocks to form a hot spring. The mineral level of the travertine and the temperature of the water can transform the algae from a brilliant shade of green to orange. You can also hike to some pools that vary in warmness as well as lovely waterfalls, and you can find the Nevada Hot Springs or the Arizona Hot Springs along the way.

Backcountry Camping

There are many backcountry camping areas that you can access by boat, car, ATV, backpacking, or horseback. Camping is permitted anywhere outside of developed domains, or regions that state NO CAMPING. Be cautious to let a responsible person know your locations, for cell service can be non-existent in areas. Also, be guarded against wild animals and careful not to feed any of them.

General Backcountry Camping Rules:

Do not attach anything to trees or shrubs
Digging, leveling, or any other alterations of the ground is not permitted
Be aware of extreme heat
Not into Backcountry camping?

No worries, there are many full amenity campground locations throughout Lake Mead National Recreation Area, as well as hotels in the surrounding cities.

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